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          Welcome to Dongguan Boxing Machinery Co. Ltd!

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          Founded in 1999, the company specializes in manufacturing mechanical equipment for adhesive tape and film industry. After years of development and accumulation of valuable technical experience, and a number of national patents. Several researchers are working on innovative design and innovation of products....


          Some common sense of the splitter

          Slitting machine belongs to one kind of mechanical equipment. Our company is specialized in manufacturing slitting machine. The following details the function and features of slitting machine: Application: slitting strip into several required specifications. Base is made of shape steel and steel plate. Fixed archway,1 piece; Activity archway, 1 piece; Welded steel plate, aging treatment, precision boring machine; Manual movement of the active archway; Sliding seat material: QT600; The lifting gear of the cutter shaft is synchronous lifting, manual fine tuning of the hand wheel, the lifting and round-trip accuracy is not greater than 0.03mm; The effective length of the cutter shaft is 650mm and the key width is 16mm. 40 cr forging materials, conditioning HB240 ∽ 260, rough machining, slitting machine, intermediate frequency processing, grinding, hard chrome plating, grinding again; The jig of the cutter shaft shall not be greater than 0.02mm, and the jig of the shaft shoulder shall not be greater than 0.01mm. (the cutter shaft specification is matched according to the size of the model) the cutter shaft rotates by universal coupling (2 pieces), synchronous gear box, and power is driven by AC15KW frequency conversion speed regulation (motor power is matched). Synchronous gear box, steel plate welding, the qualitative processing, precision processing of bearing hole boring machine, gear are 40 cr forging, quenched and tempered HB247 ∽ 278, quenching HRC38 ∽ 45. Locking of the cutter shaft: the nut locks the cutter, and one nut on the right and one nut on the left. Diameter of the blade: no. 240mm(the actual size of the cutter shaft matches). Features: high quality, high precision, high efficiency and automatic intelligent






          Address: Dalong Village, Xiegang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong, China

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